List of ACTIVITIES (WP – Work Packages)

WP 1 – System Design & Equipment Procurement

WP1 aims to define the overall system design of the INFINITE demonstrator and technically de-risk the integration of the innovative components.

WP 2 – Development of TLP Floater

The main objective is to define design requirements that will enable the fabrication, transport and installation of the CT-bos structure demonstrator as well as construct and assemble the platform.

WP3 – Development of Mooring System

Review of design basis and additional system integration analysis, including installation.

WP4 – Development of Dynamic Cable System

This WP will develop highly dynamic power cable design solutions with AL conductor, enhance design and modelling tools to satisfy innovative design criteria and assess manufacturing processes to enable integration of technology innovations from TRL 5 to TRL 7.

WP5 – Installation of Integrated System

The main objective is to carry out the installation of the INFINITE demonstrator, according to the designs and procedures.

WP 6 – Testing & Validation of Integrated System

This WP defines the monitoring system that will be installed in the INFINITE prototype.

WP 7 – Design & Implementation of O&M Strategy

The primary objective of WP7 is to design an operations and maintenance (O&M) strategy that will lead to significant reductions in O&M costs and therefore reductions in floating wind OPEX.

WP 8 – Sustainability, Business, Exploitation, Policy

Evaluate the holistic costs to be incorporated in the LCOE of the wind farm system and establish strategies minimise those costs while that enabling scalability through circular economy businesses.

WP 9 – Communication & Dissemination

The main objective of WP9 is to communicate and disseminate effective, strategic, and coherent messages about the project’s activities and outcomes.