Our Partners


BlueNewables is an engineering consultancy at the cutting edge of the innovation within the blue economy. The company supports the marine renewables energy sector with technical know-how and advice with a holistic approach. Bluenewables as part of its core business has developed several offshore technology solutions within the Floating Offshore Solar industry and for both, Offshore Bottom Fixed and Offshore Floating Wind.


Part of Acciona S.A, Acciona Construction is located in Madrid, Spain and serves as a mega-innovation laboratory where Acciona designs sustainable infrastructures prepared to deal with the worst effects of the climate emergency. The company designs solutions to optimise construction processes, as well as new technologies and materials that are more efficient at the work site, to reduce the potential impact on nature.


Acciona Generación Renovable (formerly Acciona Energía) is the largest global operator of renewable energy in the world dedicated exclusively to clean energy, not linked to conventional electricity companies. It has more than 20 years of experience in renewable energy, standing out in wind, photovoltaic, hydraulic, biomass, thermosolar and green hydrogen. It is present throughout the value chain, encompassing development, engineering & construction, exploitation, O&M, generation and commercialisation of energy.


With 70 years of successful cable manufacturing, Hellenic Cables is recognized today as one of the leading energy transfer and distribution companies in Europe, renewables and offshore wind, telecom and data networks, construction and industry markets. The Company is distinguished for its strong exports orientation and building long-term partnerships and links with major organizations in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and the United Kingdom.

We manufacture power, telecommunication and submarine cables and compounds serving major sectors such as energy transmission & distribution, oil and gas, renewables, telecommunications and construction. Technical knowledge is combined with continual investment in state-of-the-art machinery to ensure levels of efficiency and quality meet the highest standards.


Headquartered in Vigo, Spain, and with operational bases in Canary Islands, in Mexico and UAE, ACSM is a global leading provider of subsea services with 20 years of expertise within the offshore energy industry. Through its state-of-the-art vessel fleet, a large pool of work class remotely operated vehicles, trenching machines and survey equipment, ACSM delivers tailor-made integrated solutions, solving the most complex subsea challenges. This includes a whole range of offshore services, from fleet and personnel management to ROV Inspections and Surveys throughout the life-cycle of a subsea asset, i.e. from pre-engineering assessment, through construction and installation, IMR to decommissioning.


The National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) is a technology centre, specialised in applied research and in the development and promotion of renewable energies. CENER provides services and performs research work in 6 areas: Wind, Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic, Biomass, Energy in Buildings and Renewable Energy Grid Integration. The Wind Energy Department develops applied research activities and provides technical advice in the wind energy field, with the aim to improve efficiency and competitiveness. CENER offers services to partners across the sector, such as: promoters, manufacturers, financial entities, operators, public administrations and associations. Wind Energy Department activities include Wind Turbine analysis and design, Wind Turbine Test Laboratory, Wind Resource Assessment and Forecasting.


ABL Group is a leading global independent energy and marine consultant working in energy and oceans to de-risk and drive the energy transition across the renewables, maritime and oil and gas sectors, offering our clients the deepest pool of world-class expertise across marine and engineering disciplines from more than 300 locations worldwide. Headquartered in London, ABL Group has offices in all major marine and offshore energy hubs worldwide. We have 62 offices in 38 countries across Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

ABL has been pleased to provide technical support to many early-stage floating wind projects. We have supported over 40 floating projects with a combined capacity of over 13GW. Together with bottom-fixed projects, our offshore wind track record grows to over 260 projects, equivalent to over 150GW of capacity.


WavEC Offshore Renewables mission is to develop offshore renewable energy through the creation and transfer of knowledge, innovation and dissemination. The private non-profit association was founded in 2003 aiming to develop wave energy and support companies and research centres in the area, through technical and political strategies, however, over the years the association saw an extension of activities into offshore wind and prospect of expansion to other fields. More recently, WavEC are extending the scope of activities to offshore aquaculture and ocean engineering projects.


Added Value Offshore Systems Lda, located in Cascais, Portugal, is a company created to develop multipurpose uses in offshore systems like wind farms, maximising and diversifying income sources, and enhancing job creation and the engagement of coastal communities. AVOS is promoting aquaculture systems developed to produce seaweed, shellfish and other organismsin the area around offshore wind farms, as its core business. AVOS is also developing research in offshore wind platforms to monitor environmental parameters and promote marine biodiversity around wind farms.


GMC Limited, founded in 1990, is an independent offshore products and services company specialising in technology innovation and connected tubular product development across multiple offshore sectors: aquaculture, construction, mining, oil and gas and renewables (geothermal, hydrogen, CCUS, solar and wind).

GMC designs, fabricates and installs tubular connection products based on GMC’s family of mechanical connectors for: turnkey riser solutions (drilling, mining, production, caissons), connected pipelines, subsea jumpers-in-a-boxTM, offshore wind (fixed and floating) tower connections, TLP tendon mooring systems and structural connections for rapid structural assembly.