The INFINITE project demonstrates a floating offshore wind system at 100m water depth with two key technology innovations:

  • The first is a disruptive and environment-friendly concrete tension leg platform anchored with an innovative tendon-based mooring system. The platform is designed to work with commercially available WTGs and is scalable, modular and self-installing, showing a vast potential for industrialisation.
  • The second is an innovative aluminium dynamic cable design that is safer, lighter, cheaper and allows for more standardisation in O&M. The demonstrator makes use of a cost optimised O&M strategy that increases accessibility and turbine availability.

Moreover, best practices for value co-creation with local stakeholders are applied leading to increased public acceptance of offshore wind developments and an improved Maritime Spatial Planning. The innovations result in an LCOE of 85.3 EUR/MWh at project end and set the path to achieve 43.3 EUR/MWh by 2030. An LCA of the technology innovations developed and an industrial roadmap bringing together innovation needs, supply chain readiness and policy frameworks to allow mass production and deployment complement the project activities.

The project will demonstrate the technology by installing and operating the system in an operational environment (TRL 7). The site selected for the INFINITE demonstrator is off the coast of Viana do Castelo, Portugal, near the border with Spain.